Nacionalni park Risnjak


Risnjak National Park is less than an hour's drive from Malinska. From the 1528 m high peak Veliki Risnjak there are views of Kvarner and Istria on one side and the Julian Alps on the long side and leave every visitor breathless.
The park is inhabited by 3 large predators: bear, wolf and lynx, after which the park is named, and the park abounds in other representatives of the fauna discount mammals, birds and reptiles.
The climate in the park is influenced by the climatic characteristics of the Adriatic and the continent. Summers in the park are pleasantly warm with a medium temperature of up to 20 ° C, autumn and spring are full of rain, and winters are covered with snow.
On the ascent to Snježnik (1506 m) or Veliki Risnjak (1528 m) there are several trails available to you, and those who are not accustomed to hiking can visit the source of the river Kupa or visit the educational trail Leska.