Želite postati partner?


Become our partner

As a landlord, we expect you to:

  • you have a Decision on categorization for the units you want to rent and a giro account to which we will pay you;
  • you keep the units you rent functional and clean and that they are in accordance with the category from the categorization at all times;
  • promptly notify us of any direct occupancy;
  • help us describe your units accurately and correctly and prepare them for photography according to our instructions

We do the following for you:

  • we create advertisements for your units with descriptions and photos, accompanying price lists and availability calendars, and we advertise your units through our website and through various advertising platforms;
  • present your facilities through tour operators with whom we have long-term quality cooperation;
  • take care of the occupancy calendars of your facilities;
  • check in and check out your guests;
  • take care of billing and issue invoices on your behalf and for your account;
  • we advise you regarding your concerns

Why cooperate with us?

  • because we are a team of people who love their job;
  • because we have many years of experience and knowledge;
  • because we have partners with whom we have already become friends;
  • because you don’t need to worry about paying P.D.V. on the commission of a foreign portal;
  • because you don’t need to be thinking about how you’re going to charge your accommodation, write an invoice or how long you’re going to wait for your money;

If you are still in a dilemma, but also if you have already decided that you want to cooperate with us, call us and make an appointment: +385 51 859 014