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Discover island of Krk

Krk BridgeAmong the 1185 Croatian islands, only one of them is the golden one, the Insula Aurea – the island of Krk . The island attracts many tourists since antiquity thanks to 190 km of coastline, mild Mediterranean climate, favorable geographic position and cultural diversity and natural beauty.

Passing through the island of Krk 45th parallel, remote from the nearest land is just a few hundred meters, belongs to him several islets, and has an unusually varied relief: from picturesque tame sweetheart, through fertile fields and dense forest areas to bare limestone and true mountain landscape.

The variety of relief and favourable climatatic conditions have contributed to the development of almost 1400 different plant species. In the central and western part of the island forests and cultivated cultures of Mediterranean fruit and vegetables prevail, with vineyards and olive groves.

Krk is easily accessible:
by car – crossing the bridge
by boat
by plane – landing on Rijeka Airport situated on the Island

Meet our island - discover its charm and richness in every season. Use your stay on the island for a stroll along the beach or wild sheep trails, visit its historic heritage, museums and galleries. Treat your taste buds and taste local cuisine. Enjoy its mild Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters. Swim in the crystal clear sea that surrounds us on all sides ...

660,000 tourists visit Krk every year, become one of them!

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