Obala 49
HR-51511 Malinska
T: +385 51 859 014
T: +385 51 859 126



The experience and diligence of your hosts is your guarantee of an orderly, quiet and pleasant stay at this facility. During your stay they will provide you with all the assistance you need regarding your accommodation, respecting all accepted norms and standards in the letting of their family-run apartments, rooms, studio apartments, holiday homes or camp. Your hosts will ensure that your experience meets expectations, according to law and to the category rating of our facility.


The prices of services in our facility are publicly displayed and will not differ from those displayed, nor those established (by contract or reservation) and include accommodation, cold and hot water supply, electricity, a constant and comfortable interior temperature, power for cooking, changes of sheets and accessories in rooms, a parking space and space for additional equipment, according to our category.


So that your stay will be a pleasant one for you, for your friends and for those who will come after you, please use the room facilities with care, as though you were in your own home.


While using the apartment, studio, camp or holiday home, you are responsible for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness yourselves by disposing of household waste at the designated point. If you are occupying a room, your host will maintain and clean it in the way usual for rooms.


On the day of your arrival we request that you wait until after 2 pm before coming to check in. If possible, your hosts may allow earlier check-in, but this is at their discretion.


We ask you to vacate your accommodation on the day of your departure no later than 10 am. An extension of your stay on the day of your departure is only allowed with the permission of your hosts and under the conditions specified by them.


Peace and quiet must be maintained in the facility and its immediate surroundings – corridors, the terrace, the yard and garden – in the period between 10 pm and 8 am. Any disturbance to peace and quiet (noise, mess, shouting etc.) is fair cause for your hosts to terminate your stay at your expense without prior warning.


Pets may not be brought into the facility without the permission of the hosts. Pets such as dogs, cats and birds may be allowed to stay only with the permission of the hosts, at the rate specified in the current price list.


During your stay in our facility, visits or stays by third persons are not permitted unless they are already guests of our facility.


For your own safety, for reasons of possible incompatibility with our installations and to avoid inappropriate consumption of electricity, we ask you not to bring your own appliances (refrigerators, fans, stoves, heaters etc.) into the facility.


Please do not remove any accessories or equipment from apartments, rooms or homes (towels, sheets, blankets, sunshades, tables and chairs), and please do not take tables and chairs from the living room onto the terrace, exposing them to sun and rain.


Should you terminate your stay without justifiable cause earlier than you contractually agreed to or made reservation for, you will be liable to pay for your stay as per the original agreement or reservation.


Prices of accommodation and services ordered are chargeable in advance according to the current price list.


Your hosts must register your stay in accordance with their obligations towards the relevant state authorities in the

Republic of Croatia and with the Law on Tourist Tax and the Law on Foreigners.


On departure you must allow your hosts to inspect the facilities you have used and immediately compensate them for any damage you may have caused.


We invite every guest to make an entry in the visitors’ book that is to be found in the facility. Any complaints which are not entered in the visitors’ book cannot be upheld.


If you have booked via an agency or have paid in advance, you must present to your hosts the invoice, voucher or other proof that you have paid for your accommodation.


Your host must issue you with a written bill for services rendered, as required by law.

These house rules have been laid down in accordance with general norms and standards in tourism.

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