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Malinska is located in a wooded bay on the west side of the island, and with another twenty surrounding villages makes a part of Dubašnica.
In the Bay of Malinska there are many small and large bays, which are thanks to its geographical position, protected from the wind.
The climate in Malinska is mild Mediterranean with a little rain and about 260 sunny days a year.
Thanks to its lush vegetation and microclimate, Malinska has a curative potential. Clean sea and many beaches provide opportunities for swimming and sunbathing.


Dubašnica has contributed Glagolitic tradition thanks to the activities of the Glagolitic priests. The third order Glagolitic Franciscan Monastery can be found in Porat, nearby Malinska. The Monastery consists of a museum with a sacral collection and valuable items, evidence of popular life and tradition of this area. Close to the already mentioned Monastery is the St. Mary Magdalene Church.

In addition to the parish church of St. Apollinaire in Bogovići, there is also the church of Saint- Nicholas in the center of Malinska with a accompanying gallery. The complex is more recent, and during the summer is the center of visual art events.


Catering facilities in Malinska and the surrounding areas protect and develop the coastal-fishing tradition of the region through their gastronomic proposals by means of which every guest can experience and taste a part of Dubašnica's past.The basic gastronomic offer of restaurants, taverns and hotels is based on seafood which in combination with "fruits of the earth" is part of the native cuisine of Dubašnica.

Beside few hotels, Malinska has many capacities in private accommodation. At the present time those achieve a high level of design and equipment, both interior and exterior.
If you want to spend a pleasent holidays with your family or friends please contact us with confidence and we will find accommodation for you according to your desire.




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