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If you never visited Venice now is the chance.

Combined transportation with bus and boat lead you directly into this phenomenal city built on 118 islands. Its monuments, St. Mark's square with Basilica, the Palace Ducalle and Ponte Rialto are just part of what Venice have to offer.

A tour guide will guide you troughout the entire sight-seeing. Find out what you don't know about Venice and then take the time to explore it on your own - award yourself a romantic ride on the gondola (Venice boats).


Have you ever wanted to try the sensation of canoing trough fast currents of the river, but never dared? Here is your chance!

For those that never tried, and for those with experience, river Kupa offers extraordinary adventure of nature and its beauty.

Plitvička jezera

Situated in a thick forest, Plitvice Lakes are considered one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world.

The sixteen lakes, connected by 92 waterfalls, cascade through the picturesque surrounding.

Plitvice lakes were declared a national park in 1949, and since 1979, they have been on UNESCO´s List of World Natural Heritage.

The park´s attractions also include several caves and the varied flora and fauna.

A guided tour of the park lasts about two hours and a half, including both a boat ride and a walking tour.

Join us on this trip to enjoy the magic beauty of the lakes and waterfalls, creating spectacular scenery...

moKRK 1

You can not leave the island without knowing at least some of its monuments: the town of Krk with its old town core, streets, walls and gates, cathedral and monastery;

Baška and its well known "Vela plaza" (Grand beach); Vrbnik, Dobrinj – domestic prosciutto and cheese, vine and brandy...

litus 2

Our Glassboat catamaran "Litus" dispose with 110 seats in closed salon or out in the open, on one of its deck.

Equipped with mini-bar and WC.

Specially attractive is his underwater hull with its 12 window for observing undersea world without diving gear.

Join us and learn the beauty of our coast and underwater world.

Book your place on the boat in time, and if you are a part of a group, then we can organize excursion to fit your demands!

More about LITUS: www.litus.hr.

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